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Wellbeing Wednesday June 24th

Welcome to Wellbeing Wednesday. This is a day where we learn how to look after ourselves. We are going to be learning about water safety and all the healthy food that we should be eating!


Some lovely photos from out students from Thankful Tuesday! Have a look! 



Food Pyramid- It is important to know about the Food Pyramid so that we know what food is healthy is for us and food that we shouldn't eat as much. Have a look at the picture of the food Pyramid and watch the video.

After you have completed those task, we want you to create your own Food Pyramid using either drawings or use the food in your house! 

Link to video 


Water Safety- 

Every child can now learn water safety skills in the classroom.

Water Safety Ireland has created a free educational resource for primary schools called PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water Safety). PAWS outlines life-saving guidelines for children of every age and is available digitally to every school in the country. It teaches children how to be safe around water in homes, farms, pools, beaches and on our waterways


Tuesday 19th May 

Junior & Senior 

1st & 2nd 

3rd &4th 

5th & 6th 

Water Safety Lessons and Games 

Lesson Presentation

Online Games 

Lesson Presentation 

Online Games 

Lesson Presentation 

Online Games 

 Lesson Presentation 

Online Games 


Design a Water Safety Poster- Use your new knowledge to design a poster that will inform other children like you how to stay safe when they are in the water! 


Nature Walk- Explore the world around you and take a walk around your environment. See if you can find any flower, insects, birds, nests etc! Take pictures of you on your nature walk! 


Kahoot Call on Thursday

The Kahoot Quiz call on Thursday will take place at 11 am. Gather up your brothers and sisters and get ready to Quiz! 


Email pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Thankful Tuesday June 23rd

A big well done to everyone yesterday who took part in Mindful Monday! Here is a video of our students taking part.  

Mindful Monday


It is Thankful Tuesday. Today is a day where we let people know that we are thankful for the things that they do for us.  It is important for us to do this as it allows us to thank the person who helps us. It then in turn makes you feel good and the person feel goo also as you appreciate them! 


Write thankful letters to either friends/family/teacher- Write a letter to a member of your family, friend or your teacher and thanks them for something that they have done for you. It doesn't have to be something life changing , even the smallest things someone does for you can mean the most. 

Write an acrostic poem on Gratitiude-  Write an acrostic poem using a the word/ or a synonyms of the word Gratitude. 

Junior & Senior Infants  Draw a picture of when somebody was kind to you and you showed that you were thankful for their kindness. 


Do an activity with your family and Take a picture of you doing it! - It is important to spend time with our families. 

Random Act of Kindness - Do something kind for somebody in your house/friend. Help them wash the dishes, walk the dog, clean your room etc. 


Send pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Soaring Sports Day Successes

Below are the fantastic videos and pictures of our pupils completing the traditional sports activities at home on Friday.



All the other Sports Day Memories from the rest of the week are also below.


Wellbeing Week 22nd June

Good morning Boys and Girls in Faughart CNS and welcome to Well Being Week.

We have set each day as a different theme with different task associated with the theme. The idea of the choice board is that you colour in the choice board when you have completed the task.


To print out your own choiceboard , right click on the image, save the image and the you can print it from your desktop! 

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