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Room 1 Weekly plan 22/06/20 - 26/06/20

Maidin mhaith gach duine and welcome to Wellbeing week.

A timetable for Wellbeing week will be shared by Mr D'Arcy in which the children will be asked to complete small tasks or activities. 

Don't forget to take pictures and videos and to share them with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


This Thursday, June 25th I will be hosting a short "Show and tell" in small groups via video call. This will provide an opportunity for individual pupils to meet with their friends and to showcase a book, a toy, a skill or to simply share an anecdote from their time during distance learning. 

If you have not done so already, use the parent feedback form included in Triumphant Thursday to indicate one classmate with whom your child would like to be grouped with. Leave your own name or your child's name and the name of their chosen classmate. 


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Room 3 Wellbeing Week Calls


Room 3 Wellbeing Week Calls



   9:30am 6th Class End of Primary School Project Presentations

   10am 4th & 5th Class End of Year Project Presentations



   10am English Reading Ór

   10:30 English Reading Bánbui

   11am English Reading Liathchorcra

   11:30am English Reading Gormghlas

   2 – 6pm School books to be returned to the school – select time slot on Aladdin



   Wellbeing Activities (including Water Safety) will be posted in Daily Learning Plan



   Kahoot Quizzes with Mr D’Arcy in Morning  (times to be confirmed)

   6th Class Graduation in School Yard at 2pm



   End of School Year Graduation E-Certificates & Attendance E-Certificates distributed

'Active week' Friday June 19th

Have a look at just some of the videos we received of our talented students completing the 'Long jump' and 'Obstacle course' activities yesterday. 

More great videos received will feature in a final video on Monday!

Congratulations to all who participated in 'Active week 2020'. Next stop, Tokyo 2021!

Thursday AW2020

Use this Equipment list for ideas throughout the week.

Friday June 19th

Traditional sports day races

1.Egg and Spoon:

You could use an actual egg and spoon (although that could get a bit messy!!)

Why not try a spud and spoon or even a tennis racket and ball for this balancing act.

2. Wheelbarrow Race:

Try this with a sibling or even a parent and remember – Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

3. Balancing Race:

You could use a beanbag, small teddy, rolled up socks or even a book for this risky race

4. Sack Race:

You might have an old potato sack at home, but if not a pillow case could be the perfect alternative to show off your jumping prowess!

But remember, the most important thing is to take part and have some fun!


 Don't forget to take lots of pictures and to send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                                'Active week 2020' schedule

Day Activity Focus 
Monday 'Make the face' Running
Tuesday Target practice Throwing

'Kick to score'


'Through the gate'


Long jump

Obstacle course




Egg and spoon/spud and spoon race

Sack race

Balancing race

Wheelbarrow race

Traditional sports day 

Teams Calls Room 2 Friday 19th

Here is today's Daily plan 

Teams Meeting Times 


1st Class 

2nd Class 

3rd Class 


Teams Meeting Times 


10:30-11:00 9:30-10

Upcoming Events

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