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Remote Teaching and Learning Commencing Monday 11 January 2021

See below the planned schedule of Remote Teaching Lessons on Microsoft Teams for all pupils in Faughart CNS.

These remote lessons will prepare the children to complete the daily learning plans which can be accessed from our website and Teams .

Parents will also receive daily notifications and updates via our school Aladdin Connect App and pupils will receive additional updates in their Teams Channels and Teams Assignments.

We are looking forward to seeing our pupils on Monday online. Pupils who are unable to attend any of the lessons will be able to access a video of the lesson at a time that suits.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if there are any issues connecting with our remote lessons.

Please stay at home and keep safe.




3D shapes

Room 1 focused on the shape and space strand during the month of November. 

A shape hunt within the classroom revealed cubes, cuboids, cones, cylinders and spheres of different sizes. 

The children sorted collections of shapes according to their individual properties.




We investigated whether everyday 3D shapes could be rolled or stacked.  



The pupils built their own imaginative structures, played shape bingo and provided clever clues in 'Guess the shape'.



Podcast Planet - Listen and Learn

4th, 5th and 6th class pupils created astromical podcasts with the purpose to inform their listeners about different aspects of our solar system. They created scripts and slogans to entertain and engage their audience.

If you Listen, You will Learn


Feel Good Friday June 26th


Well here it is the last day of the school year 2019/2020. A big congratulations to all of our students this year. You adapted immensely to the change and were the shining light during this difficult time.  All the teachers and staff of Faughart CNS are so proud of each and everyone of you.

A special mention to Eve, Jessica, John, Erin, Maisie and Molly who all celebrated their graduation from primary school yesterday. We wish you all the very best of luck going into secondary school and we know you will flourish there. 

Well done to everyone who participated in yesterday's Kahoot Quiz. It was a very close one and it went down to the last question with the Bellew Boys just pipping the McKenna's to get the win! 


We have some lovely photos from Triumphant Thursday! Have a look! 


End of year Certificates and Attendance Awards- Teachers will be emailing/ posting to Aladdin, certificates of graduations for students. Attendance certificates will also be emailed out to students.

Teams Calls- Mrs McCusker will be having Teams calls with both 4th and 5th Class. Make sure to check you calendar to see what time your call is out. 


 School is out for Summer- From Mrs McCusker, Mr D'Arcy, Ms McDermott, Ms McElroy, Gráinne and Patricia, we want to wish you all an enjoyable and safe Summer. We are all so proud of how hard you have worked over the last 3 months. You and your parents deserve the break! Stay Safe and Enjoy the Summer Holidays. We will see you all back in Faughart at the end of August!