Faughart Community National School's policies are created in conjunction with staff members, school community and Board of management. They are tailored to suit the needs of our school. Our policies are working documents which will change with the changing needs of our school. 

Please review our policies by choosing a link below:

Child Safeguarding Statement
This is the child Safeguarding Statement, drawn up by and approved by the management of Faughart CNS in line with the DES and Tusla guidelines. A hard copy can be located in the main entrance to the school, including the school Risk assessment.

Please find links below to the Child protection procedures for primary and post primary schools 2017 and the related circular 0081/2017.

Notification regarding the Board of Management’s Annual Review of the Child Safeguarding Statement 09 June 2020

The next review of the Child Safeguarding Statement will take place in June 2021.

Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment June 2020

The Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment outlines areas of risk of “harm” as defined in the Children First Act 2015 and not general health and safety risk, within the school, during school hours. This is a working document, which is continually reviewed and discussed under health and Safety at each staff meeting.
Anti-Bullying Policy 

This Document outlines the school policy and procedures for the Anti-Bullying procedures for Faughart CNS.
Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

This document outlines the school’s policy on permitted usage of the internet. The policy applies to all internet users in Faughart CNS and all methods of internet access, including desktop computers, laptop computers, mobile telephony, tablets and other devices capable of accessing the internet.
 Admission Policy

The admission policy was reviewed in October 2019. The policy details the selection criteria for 2019-2020 and indicates how such criteria are prioritised.

Statement of Strategy for School Attendance

Eastablising good attendance habits from the very beginning is very important. The policy was drawn up by the school staff and reviewed and ratified by the Board of Management. It will be reviewed again by the whole school community next year.
Code of Behaviour

Our School aims to provide a happy, secure, friendly, learning environment, where children, parents, teachers and board of management/single manager work in partnership. Each individual is valued, encouraged and respected for their uniqueness and facilitated to reach their full potential in a positive atmosphere.
Communication Policy

Please see the school's policy on effective communication as part of the procedures for parents of children in Faughart CNS.

LMETB Complaint Procedure

 A procedure for processing complaints made by parents/guardians of students or adult learner(s) currently enrolled in an lmetb school/centre against a staff member employed by louth and meath education and training board (lmetb)

Critical Incident Management Policy (CIMP)

The aim of the CIMP is to help school management and staff to react quickly and effectively in the event of an incident, to enable us to maintain a sense of control and to ensure that appropriate support is offered to students and staff.

Digital Learning Plan
We undertook a digital learning evaluation in our school during the period September 2018 to January 2019. The dimensions and domains from the Digital Learning Framework selected are Domain 3: Leading School Development and Domain 1: Leading Learning and Teaching. Review our targets and actions here. 

Health, Safety and Welfare Statement
Managing Health and Safety at our School is an ongoing activity throughout the year.  This Safety Statement is a live written document which provides details of how we manage health, safety and welfare at our school.  This Safety Statement along with our Risk Assessments form the basis of our Safety Management System.

Healthy Eating Policy

In Faughart CNS, we ask parents to promote a healthy lunch . We encourage fruit at break time and healthy sandwiches at lunchtime. Water is desired as a drink.

Homework Policy

Homework is part of the continuous learning process at Faughart CNS. This policy details reasons for homework, types of homework that may be given to pupils at different stages, recommendations on time to be spent on homework, advice on conditions that should be available to the child for doing homework and what to do if problems arise.

Physical Education Curriculum Plan
This plan was drawn up in order to conform to the principles outlined in the Revised Curriculum and to implement in the most effective way the content outlined.  We recognise the importance of Physical Education for children to lead active and healthy lives. We believe that a broad and balanced understanding and development of skills outlined in the Physical Education Curriculum is essential for a child to become an active and healthy member of society.

Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) Plan
In Faughart CNS, we provide a foundation that will inform the child's actions and decisions. SPHE is spiral in nature we will cover the content at each level throughout the school over a two year period

SPHE Stay Safe Programme Parent Letter 2020     SPHE Stay Safe Programme Parent Letter 2019 

The aim of the Stay Safe programme is to teach children personal safety skills so they can look after themselves in situations which could be upsetting or dangerous. This programme is completed in full in Faughart CNS in a two year cycle, however topic 3 on Touches is completed every year.